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30 Days of Audrey and Nathan (Haven)

01. The moment you started shipping them
02. Favorite Audrey/Nathan season 1 moment
03. Favorite Audrey/Nathan season 2 moment
04. Favorite Audrey season 1 scene
05. Favorite Nathan season 1 scene
06. Favorite Audrey season 2 scene
07. Favorite Nathan season 2 scene
08. Favorite Audrey quote about Nathan
09. Favorite Nathan quote about Audrey
10. A scene that broke your heart
11. Funniest moment
12. Favorite the powers that be quote
13. Favorite Audrey missing Nathan moment
14. Favorite Nathan missing Audrey moment
15. Favorite Audrey quote to Nathan
16. Favorite Nathan quote to Audrey
17. Favorite parallel
18. Favorite another character shipping Audrey and Nathan
19. Favorite Emily quote about Audrey/Nathan
20. Favorite Lucas quote about Audrey/Nathan
21. Favorite song played during a scene
22. Hottest moment
23. The most heartbreaking scene
24. Underrated moment you love
25. Favorite look
26. Favorite season
27. Favorite flirty scene
28. Favorite Audrey/Nathan episode
29. Eight favorite screencaps
30. Anything you want

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